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Ultimate Guide to Mobile SEO - Search Optimization & Improve Google Search Ranking

We are dedicated not just to provide the SEO services to our client but also suggest them about right technology to make your business website on higher rank on Google. Today, we’re sharing the ultimate guide to mobile SEO, and to build mobile-friendly website. This guide will help you to understand few important topics about mobile SEO.

- Why is mobile search optimization important?

- How to build mobile-friendly websites?

- What should you consider to mobile SEO?

These categories will explain why mobile SEO is important for your business, and what SEO strategies should consider to build mobile-friendly website?

What is Mobile-SEO?

Mobile SEO means “Mobile Search Engine Optimization”. Mobile SEO is the best practise of website optimization for users on all devices, such as mobile, Apple iPad, and tablets. It is like backbone of Google’s index, so the site resources must be accessible to Google Spiders.

Why is Mobile-SEO important?

If you own a mobile site or created an AMP version of website but Google does not understand it, it may affect web pages ranking and search results. The quicker you design mobile site and follow Google standards, the quicker Google rank your website more appropriately. It is not just enough to have a mobile-friendly website, it must be design what Google understands.

According to Google, more than 30 billion queries are performed on mobile devices than desktop, and this trend is growing faster.

What is Google’s Mobile-First Index?

In early days, Google index would show the mix the search result on Desktop and mobile devices. So, if you would search a website or contents on mobile devices, Google would show mobile results only. Google’s mobile-first index ranks the website in search result based on mobile version of the web pages and on desktop separately. Today, Google shows you the results from mobile devices. So, it is important to have a perfectly optimized mobile site.

Google says: "Mobile-first indexing means that Googlebot will use the mobile version of your site for search ranking and indexing of web pages. Google’s crawling, ranking and indexing systems have historically used the desktop version of your site contents which can cause the issues for mobile searches when the desktop version differs from mobile version."

How to build mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website works same across devices. It performs well on small screens, user-friendly navigation, and most important it loads faster.

Is your site Mobile-Friendly?

Today, it is very important to have a mobile-friendly site because most of users prefer smartphones for online products and services. Check some free tools if your site is mobile-friendly?

PageSpeed Insights

Test My Site

Mobile-Friendly Test

Google’s Mobile Usability Test

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is about the design and contents should fit and looks good at all devices (desktop, smartphones, and tablets). It is the simple way to optimize user’s browsing experience and to reach people across multiple devices.

- Improved browsing experience, and more mobile traffic

- Higher sales and conversion rates, and low bounce rate

- Increase the visibility in search engine

- Improve user experience

- Low maintenance cost, faster development, and best practice of website performance

- Improved SEO and quality backlinks opportunities

How to optimize website for Mobile SEO?

If you have a mobile site but not optimize for mobile SEO, explore the good SEO techniques to apply on sites to improve ranking.

Content formatting and readability

- Your site should display exact same content on mobile as desktop, and contents (images, text, and videos) should be accessible in mobile.

- Website fonts should be readable to all mobile users, and well formatted (Correct us of paragraph, heading tags, and lists).

- Optimization of meta titles for mobile, and all images, infographics should have alt attribute.

- Keep navigation bar on top, and easy accessible to mobile users.

- Serve rich and sensible contents to users. A web page should have 7 seconds lengthy contents, to be consider in SEO-friendly semantic content strategy.

Website performance

Does your website meet latest technology and SEO standards? Most of visitors don't like bad web design and don’t visit a website if it takes more than 3 seconds.

- Google has a standard, a good website renders on mobile device in 3 seconds.

- Design AMP version of website with PWAs. It allows website contents (css, js, images, etc) to be cached and served directly.

- Keep http request count low as much you can, and use Gzip (GNU Zip: Open Source algorithm for file compression) to compress the web page.

- Use WEBP image formats, serve scaled images to load faster.

Business Logo Design

Everyone wants to compete in their niche market; even they are running a successful business. Like a website showcases your products and services online, business logo offers first thing of your brand to a potential customer. Logo is small investment to the business that every business should make. A simple logo makes the first impression on the audience. A simple website and creative business logo design grabs the customers attention and drives brand loyalty. So, Logo should be clearly visible to users on top for mobile site.

Build an Adaptive Website

An adaptive website uses the same url for all devices but the server sends a different HTML version for requesting page. Optimizing the adaptive website is great option for mobile SEO, it improves the page loading speed up to 50%. If you own a small business, you should look for a responsive web design instead of adaptive website because it needs more resources.

What should you consider to mobile SEO?

- Allow all crawlers to access the website

- Optimize the UX for all devices

- Use the best onpage SEO practices and keyword research

Google says, 90% users prefer smartphone or iPads to search online products and services even if they have an access to desktop. Products or other information are very easy to find and use on mobile devices. To rank well in local searches, create Google Business listing now.


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