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The Importance of Logo Design for Business

When you are on starting a new business, you may not think why a business logo is important. Even you don’t think about designing a website and business branding. Report says, around 62% people does not consider business identity on top priority when starting a new business. Even they don’t know how a creative business logo and website can help into building brand identity and customers attention.

Everyone wants to compete in their niche market; even they are running a successful business. Like a website showcases your products and services online, business logo offers first thing of your brand to a potential customer. Logo is small investment to the business that every business should make. A simple logo makes the first impression on the audience. A simple website and creative business logo design grabs the customers attention and drives brand loyalty.

1. Grab the attention of potential customers

The primary focus of business and marketing effort is to have customer’s attention. Customers are another key of success that brings the great business at your door. An average customer does not spend much time on advertisement and decides to continue with the brand or step out. As the company has only 2-5 seconds to convince the potential customers. That short attention decides the communication between brand and customers, and invites new customers to the business.

Some of your audience may forget business name but they keep remember the logo (it’s true – human nature). Logo builds a memorable brand identity into the mind and grabs the attention. A good logo is visual pleasing element that represents your brand, business website and the products and services. For example, if you want to buy comfortable clothes from online stores (Like: Myntra) you find few brands there. When you see the brand logo, immediately you decide to go with that specific brand. Advertisement with logo enhance the brand exposure and builds a global recognition.

2. Makes a strong first impression

Logo is the first thing that customer wants to see on website, to represent the business. So it’s the most important to know your audience before start designing a logo. You need to decide the target audience and figure out the specific products or services that you are offering to them. It’s good thing to get inspired from other brands like Nike, Apple, Disney, Amazon and FedEx who has the strongest brand identity and loyal customers. But don’t copy the ideas to design logo, keep your logo unique, simple and meaningful.

If a customer looks for company’s product and services online, business logo and brand description appears first into Google search result. Most of customers don’t prefer to visit a brand without logo and poorly designed website. If you success in making a great first impression on your potential customers, it will definitely bring good business and also invite new customers to the business.

3. It separates you to complete niche market

As the business idea clicks, first thing hits the mind that how to compete the market reaching more customers. No matter what niche you’re in, you have to face market competition and find a way to stand out from the competition. When you find few competitors, every advantage counts. You need to find the best marketing strategies to compete them and build trust into customers by offering exact services what they want from a good brand. A small pleasing element Logo make that efforts to stand out from others. Advertise of business products and services don’t leave a better impact without logo.

For example, if you are feeling hungry and want to eat Pizza “Dominos” comes in the mind first. It has created a unique image in your mind that is appealing and professional which says us “to stay and eat here”. Logo is the huge part of that image which helps to existing customers to stay loyal and invite your loved ones to visit here once. Customers want to know what different you offer to them. So your unique logo does the job, it tells to customers why your business idea is unique in the market. It creates a perception that you are trustworthy. It also communicate to company’s background (mission and core values) that you offer fast and reliable services.

4. Emotional connection between brand and customers

The most important job of a business logo is to help the customers to reveal brand identity. In everyday life we recognize too many logos, and they become memorable to us. Logo conveys the brand message directly to customers and build an emotional and trust bond. It simply appeals them to visit the business once and check what services are useful.

Like: We remember Nike is the brand which makes comfortable shoes and sportswear. When it comes point of trust, privacy and security in personal computers we remember the best brand Apple who makes your MacBook. Logo is your advertisement tool which can be placed everywhere (on marketing products, business cards, packaging, website and social media). It consistently delivers your message to customers and makes brand identity stronger.

A creative business logo is something that‘ll grow the business faster as you gain the respect from customers. Logo is the most powerful marketing tool who promotes a company's products and services and makes a positive impact on business. If you are starting a new business and want a successful long-run, don’t overlook the importance of investing in a business logo design. The soon you make small investment, as sooner you build better business impact.

If you have no logo yet or looking to improve the existing simple logo design, visit us. We would love to help you in finding the right logo for you business.


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