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Job Portal: Recruitment Management System | PHP Source Code Download

It is simple employment solution for candidates seeking right job opportunities and for employers who need the good candidates to grow the business and organization. Online Job Portal is PHP, MySQL based recruitment management system, demonstrating all basic functionalities required. The main objective of this project is to enable jobseekers to upload resume and find the job while employers or companies to post requirements and find good candidates.

Simply jobseekers and employers can register here, and create effective profile after account activation. It enables jobseekers to post their resume, search for jobs by matching skills and location, view and manage personal job listings. Where an employer can post their vacancies, manage candidates who have applied on jobs, and shortlist them.

Job portal is a responsive, user friendly, and SEO optimized web application, developed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL technologies.

Job Portal Management System

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Technology, we used:

Codeigniter (Version: 3.1.11)

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. Codeigniter was created by EllisLab, and is now a project of the British Columbia Institute of Technology. CodeIgniter is loosely based on the popular model–view–controller (MVC) development pattern. CodeIgniter is an open-source, light weight, fast and secure software rapid development web framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP.

MySQL Database

MySQL Database Service. MySQL Database Service is a fully managed database service to deploy cloud-native applications using the world’s most popular open source database. It is 100% developed, managed and supported by the MySQL Team. MySQL is the most popular Open Source Relational SQL Database Management System. MySQL is one of the best RDBMS being used for developing various web-based software applications. MySQL is developed, marketed and supported by MySQL AB, which is a Swedish company.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS, JavaScript

HTML is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages such as JavaScript. Web browsers receive HTML documents from a web server or from local storage and render the documents into multimedia web pages. HTML describes the structure of a web page semantically and originally included cues for the appearance of the document.


Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. It contains CSS- and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components.

System users:

Admin: manages candidates and employers profile, job listing, resume database, and website configurations

Candidates (Job Seeker): create profile, upload resume, search jobs, and apply on right job.

Employer (Job Provider): create profile, post multiple jobs, review and shortlist right candidate

Users roles:


- Manage job listing. Like: activate, deactivate, delete any job.

- Admin can view list of candidates who applied on a job

- Manage complete candidate section. Like: View complete profile, activate, deactivate, delete candidate records.

- Manage employer section. Like: View complete profile, activate, deactivate, delete employer records.

- Admin can see all jobs of any employer, and can manage status of jobs and applicant

- Admin can manage website contents.


- Manage own profile, update education, experience, skills, work portfolio, certifications, and address details

- Manage cover letter and upload multiple resume

- Search for jobs using skills, location, function area, and companies

- Save a job in profile, if interested

- Apply online for desired job, and send resume to employer

- Can view companies profile and all listed jobs

- Link social media profiles


- Manage own profile, update office address, google map location, and introduction video

- Post unlimited jobs online, and manage job listing

- Manage candidates, view job applications

- Download cover letter and resume of candidates

- Start a conversation with a candidate who applied on a job


Job Portal

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Project: Screenshots

Job Portal: Dashboard

User Dashboard

Job Portal: EditProfile

User: Edit Profile

Job Portal: DeleteAccount

User: Delete Account

Job Portal: PostJob

Employer: Post Job

Job Portal: ManageJobs

Employer: Manage Jobs

Job Portal: ManageCandidates

Employer: Manage Candidates

Job Portal: ListJobs

Admin: List Job

Job Portal: ListEmployer

Admin: List Employers

Job Portal: ListCandidates

Admin: List Candidates


PHP (Codeigniter)
MySQL Database
PHP Source Code
Simple Job Portal
Recruitment Management System